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Saturday, June 10, 2006


....to the picture quiz thingy, anyway. Lord knows I wish I had all of life's answers! LOL

Okay some of you did very well.... and I admit the last two weren't all that easy but people came close. Bravo to you all!


Spaghetti Server....


Ball cap dryer thingy....


Window latch.....


Cheval mirror handle.....

So there ya go, and thanks for playing!

Okay so I guess I don't have ALL the answers as I actually have a question I need answered. Some of you have blog link lists that show when someone has made a new post. How can I get that?? I want that!! If anyone has the easy answer and I don't have to: A) be a rocket scientist, or B) pay money to do it; I'll be forever grateful. Thanks!

Poor hubby. He just spent hours outside today mowing and other good things for the lawn, and the last couple hours he spent spraying on a mixture of weed killer and lawn fertilizer. It was a rather hot and sunny day. As he was spreading on the last of the stuff this evening, big ol' dark clouds started moving in. And it is now POURING rain! Guess the weed killer part of it won't do anything now, but surely the fertilizer will??? LOL

Well I hope you are having a good weekend..... I worked today as usual. And I'll be grocery shopping tomorrow. But hey, I guess my "weekend" is in the middle of the damn week!

Take good care of each other! PEACE PEACE PEACE!

Love Jude


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