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Saturday, June 03, 2006


Thank GOD it's cooled down some. We were supposed to get some rain today, tomorrow and the next day. Guess what? Nuh-uh. Well, maybe the third day.... Bob, can we PLEASE have some of yours??

I have a wee bit of reading/studying to do, as I've been asked to become a Commissioner for Oaths at work. No biggy, other than I have to learn something about it and then be interviewed by a lawyer to see if I measure up. If so, they buy me a stamp and I get to witness signatures and stuff. So I guess I'd better get reading, I brought the book home with me.

I had a major flashback today, and it was GREAT. So great it almost brought tears to my eyes just remembering the "good ol' days". On a forum I belong to one of the guys is nuts about aircraft, and he posted a couple pictures of his favourites. So, being the Airforce brat that I am, I shared a couple pictures of MY two all-time favourites. I don't even have to try hard, I can at the drop of a dime remember exactly what these two beauties sound like, and it's the sound that I so dearly miss on an everyday basis.

C-130 HERCULES (transport, mid-air refueling)

Still around today, these babies are around 40 yrs. old


CF-104 STARFIGHTER "Widowmaker" (fighter jet)

This is the one I literally grew up with. The howl and whine, the scream of this sex machine (yeah watching them is almost as good as an orgasm!) is something I really miss. Sadly, they were retired in 1980 or so. Ah... the memories, the life.

And just for Hoss:

Hope you are all having a groovy kinda weekend ~~ take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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