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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Have I said enough times how much I HATE SUMMER?? Bleh! Ptui!! It has been so overly hot here, and "most" of us here dislike it, although there are a few who love the stifling temperatures still... personally I think they are all really from Florida, or Africa and just pretend to be Edmontonians.

It's been hard for me to even sit at the computer, or to do anything. Just try to stay in front of a fan, and not move at all. Because the simple act of moving brings waves of sweat and dizziness.

Taken in one of the warmest rooms in the house, the hottub room which is off my den where I live (and am now), this was taken just now, and I'm pointing to about where the temperature sat last night..... bleh!

On a brighter note, I just got 6 days off in a row!! Kinda just happened that way; this Saturday July 1st. is Canada Day and of course is a National holiday..... so our office is closed and I would normally have worked the Saturday. The REALLY weird thing is they've decided to close Monday too!! They've never done this before! AND I normally work Mondays too, so I have that off as well. So last night when I left work, I knew I wouldn't be back until the next Tuesday. Nice!!!

The even better news is that I have worked my last Saturday! YEEHAW!! Last week marked my 8th. anniversary at this job, and out of those 8 years, I've worked all the Saturdays in almost 5 of those years. Yeesh. Enough for me already, someone else's turn!! My boss has scheduled me back on my old shift of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday..... thank you!!

And more good news, in 10 more weeks I'll be on 3 week's vacation at home. Yum..... catching up on rest, sleep and doing stuff around the house that I want to catch up on as well. Yes it's still 10 weeks away, but I'm looking forward to it. AND after 8 years with the company the vacation days increase. So starting next year I should be getting more time off. Can you hear me grinning at all this good news??

I am going to have a nap today. Couldn't sleep worth a hill of beans last night from a combination of the heat and hubbys snoring. So in about an hour, while it's still cooler in the house from the morning breezes and hubby is NOT here I'm going to take advantage of getting some much needed shut eye. Look out bed, here I come!!

Have a great Hump Day everyone, and take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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