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Thursday, June 15, 2006


I thought I'd go out and try my hand last evening with the macro setting on my camera again. This time, it was just as the sun was going down, albeit behind the clouds. Yes, we're still getting cloud and some rain, even some thunder today! **grins** Gotta love the cooler weather!

Okay this is my favourite tree, which I'm impatiently awaiting to become full grown! My Russian Olive. At this time of year, there are little teeny yellow "starburst" flowers on it, and I wanted to try getting them. Sister Pammie was out earlier getting pics of it, and I can ASSURE you hers will be much better!

However, here are the results. I have more learnin' to do! It was too dark perhaps, and I thought I'd use the flash. Big error!! As you can see....

So then I headed out back, to get a close up shot of my Bishop's Weed:

Not bad.

This is the whole of it:

Yes indeed I shall keep working away at it, but in the meantime hey I'm having fun anyway! And that's the main thing.

The End.

Have an excellent Thursday all, and remember to take good care of each other! I'm off to spend the morning and part of the afternoon with my best friend Michele today at her house! See you all back here later.

Love Jude


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