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Friday, July 21, 2006


We finally replaced the last old blue loveseat.... and we did end up finding a loveseat and not going with 2 more chairs.





Now besides winning a lottery so that we can rip out the ugly carpet and replace it with wood flooring, we're almost done in these 2 rooms. Remember that material I recovered the dining room chairs with? I have a ton of it left:

Picture the outside layer of drapes (the layer that is tied back) in this material. That's what I'm planning to make for the dining and living room windows. It wouldn't tie back, just a nice narrow drape hanging straight down on either side, with the existing sheer behind it. I'd need new rods though, which I can get.

And then any day now we should be getting a call saying that our dining room hutch and end units are in so that we can replace that old oak cabinet you see here.

Other than that..... the fun stuff happening here OUTSIDE is that hubby is redoing the sidewalk at the side of the house. A couple days ago he rented one of those gas-powered tampers and went to town with it. OY VEY is it loud!! And the entire house shakes!

No, nothing broke, thank God!

It is going to be FREEKIN' hot here today and for the next while again. Thankfully we had a couple weeks reprieve from it, or by now I'd be hospitalized or melted into a puddle. Dammit I hate summer and want autumn to get here fast! Hope you are all staying cool...... take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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