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Friday, July 07, 2006


This got me all drooly-mouthed when the newspaper came in the mailbox ....

And then I just read this online:

(KP International) Rumours continue to run rampant that Rolling Stone Keith Richards could have a role in the third 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie, 'At World's End.'

"They are talking about it," said the trilogy's star Johnny Depp coyly. "Yeah, they are talking about it."

"Hopefully he won't fall out of any more trees," joked producer Jerry Bruckheimer in reference to Richards' fall from a coconut tree while on vacation in Fiji, which resulted in brain surgery.

Depp's performance as Captain Jack Sparrow was rumoured to be based on Richards. Considering Disney Studios big shots almost fired Depp for his odd portrayal when they first saw the actor's performance, it's interesting they want Richards now.

"They did come to me and say, you know: 'What's going on? What does this mean? Is he gay, is he drunk? We can't understand what you're saying. It sounds like you're slurring your words. None of it makes sense,'" said Depp. "They were really worried in a lot of ways, rightly so. They had a lot of dough invested in the thing and here comes this really weird guy doing something they never experienced before from a human being. I understand it, but it didn't change anything. I still had to do what I had to do, even when the threat was to potentially be fired."

Luckily the studio honchos learned to appreciate and love the character as much as Depp does. "He's definitely part of me," he said. "It's criminal fun to play him."

Too funny!! I didn't know that he was almost fired for the way he wanted to portray Captain Jack!! And in the end, he was right as it's so popular!

You go, Johnny..... you know what you're doing.

'Scuse me for a sec to the men, but ladies, look at this:

GOOD GAWD. Need I say more???

Okay, back after a quick cold shower.

We are in the midst of beginning some of the landscaping on the front lawn. We just bought one new tree (cherry) and some shrubs and small ground cover plants.

Flowering Cherry

Some ground cover...

As you can see hubby already planted the tree. The rest is going in shortly, but not until we go buy another tree tomorrow, and some more ground cover. As you can also see, he butchered our Blue Spruce. *sobs* But he's planted a couple new shrubs (flowering plum) under there too. And we're adding more there too. I'll keep ya posted!

Have a great weekend all, and take good care of each other...

Love Jude


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