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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


You all know by now how much I have been whining about some day updating my 80's blue love seats. See this?

Getting ready to be hauled out the door....

Hubby took them out to one of my sisters on Sunday. She has similar furniture (same EXACT fabric/colour too) in her family room, and it's starting to cave in from years of wear and tear from kids. She wants these, and now she has them! There is absolutely nothing wrong with them, in fact they are almost like brand new even though they are going on 14 years old.

Look what has replaced one of them:

New leather baby, a nice contrast to my studly leather chairs, wouldn't you say?

We have already been trying to find a match to this one to replace the second blue loveseat, but without any luck. So..... I am going to be getting 2 more brown leather chairs, similar to these ones I have, but hopefully a bit smaller.

Time to hit some more furniture stores. But in the meantime, here is a full view, and when I bought this new area rug, I had this colour in mind, works pretty well I think!

Waiting for a second loveseat (at the left in picture), or two new chairs. (I'm positive it'll be two chairs)

AAAAND....... I bought some great heavy material to cover the white dining room chair seats with:

**EDIT** Good grief!! I'm getting worse instead of better with these videos, I need to learn to speak louder! Please turn your speakers up.

Okie dokie.... a little hard to see, so here's a couple of pics:

GAWD I hate hot weather!!! I'm dying here..... however I'll stop whining now and get my laundry finished before it's 9 trillion degrees in this house again today. I hope you are all much cooler wherever you are, and have an excellent day! Take good care of one another....

Love Jude


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