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Thursday, July 13, 2006


All dug out now, permanent planting started, still some flowers here to be planted. (in foreground)

The 2 new trees (cherry and russian olive) are both braced, and the big bags under the blue spruce are mulch to be laid underneath it.

The other side of the lawn.... new bed all planted, perhaps a few of those flowers still needing to be planted will go in here too.

You can barely see that there is another tree staked and braced in the back on the right... that is the pear tree. It's sitting right up against a beautiful bush that turns a gorgeous red in the autumn, it's right dead up against the sidewalk on the right. That bush will be moved to another spot as it's too close to the sidewalk.


Here's a shot of that bush... can't remember for the life of me what it's called. Beside it is the new Pear tree! (below is a shot of that gorgeous bush last fall):

This bare area is where we'll move it to, but we can't do that until the autumn when the leaves have turned, or when they fall off.

Newly planted beds always look so sparse, but next year it should start to fill out and look good!

Same bed, up by the front door.... I love this little guy, it will be about 6 feet tall, 6 feet wide when full grown! Supposed to turn pretty autumn colours too, which is what I was looking for.

A close up:

The bottom leaves of the new Russian Olive tree are looking pretty bad.. all shriveled and dry....

But we're hopeful that the poor spindly thing will make it, the top leaves are looking better than the bottom ones:

Under the (upstairs)living room window, again pretty sparse this year...

HUGE bags of red mulch to go under the Blue Spruce

Hah, I guess the 4 bags we bought won't be enough! This is all it did.... I think we'll need another 12!!

AND NOW!!!!!! For the Stars of this blog post.... Pammie's doggies Misty and Lady.... they are the lights of my life, "Aunty's Girls"!!

First video I took I had their leashes on my arm while Pammie was taking pictures. My arm kept getting pulled on so I wasn't sure this would turn out very well. Right at the end of the video just when I'm pushing the button to stop it, a wasp flew at Pammie and she yelled, it CRACKED ME UP!

Or Click Here

Second video:

Or Click Here

Hope you've enjoy the little tour around my front yard, and of the doggies I love so much. Take care of each other, and God bless!

Love Jude


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