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Friday, July 28, 2006


You all probably know by now how much I love seeing other people's "Before and After" pictures..... well I like doing them too!

Dining room furniture is all in now, and I spent a long while this afternoon setting it all up. It's DONE.

Looks much, much better now. The old oak is gone (as is the brass and glass table, ptui! ptui!) and now it's a set of Espresso coloured wood.

Nice huh?

Now here's the "secret" to this wall unit. I looked for something that had to meet specific needs, and this is the one that had it all. See the big doors in the middle? That's where hubby wants to keep his computer (when he buys one). This wall unit is really an entertainment unit, cool huh? But hey, it's exactly what we needed and I have a place for all my dishes, cutlery, linens, stemware, glassware, candles (I have tons) etc. etc...... it's absolutely perfect for our needs!

As you can see in the picture below, we are going to have to move the light fixture over to the center of the table. This whole set, table and wall unit, are MUCH bigger than we had so it's thrown the light position out of whack. Hubby is going to go out and buy some matching chain to make this one longer, and then hook it on the ceiling over the middle of the table. Don't know when he's going to do that.... but probably after he hits his head on it enough times, seeing as he likes to sit in that end chair.

I have spent the entire day doing laundry and sorting out the dining room things and storing them away. My legs are getting too sore to walk up and down the stairs to laundry, and my lower back is literally screaming at me from all the bending, vacuuming and reaching.

I am going to sit on my bunyakas for the rest of the night, and rest. I've got so much catching up to do online it isn't funny. But I think I'll watch some TV or read a book, and go to bed.

Hope you all had a decent week, and have an excellent weekend. Take good care of each other, we're all we have in this world. PEACE!!

Love Jude


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