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Sunday, July 09, 2006


While hubby was busy like heck outside doing landscaping, I busied myself indoors with a project I just finished.... my dining room chairs are now recovered, and they look wonderful if I do say so myself!



The white looked okay..... but I think the colours in the new fabric actually bring out the richness of the wood colour even more.

My hands are aching like crazy from using a screwdriver and the staple gun. They actually feel like they're going a bit numb as well. But!! It's done and I'm glad. After I'd gotten started it was great to take a bit of a break and chat on the phone with a very special and dear friend of mine who called long distance. (Thank you hon, I love you to pieces!!!) After we hung up I went for it and finished my chairs.

We still haven't heard yet from the funiture place so obviously our dining room hutch set isn't in yet. I can't WAIT to get that all in place.

The work hubby has been doing outside is looking good, but he has MUCH to do. We just bought 3 new trees, about a dozen shrubs, and umpteen little plants for ground cover. He also got 2 rose bushes. We need a lot more in the way of smaller stuff yet to finish it all off, but this will get most of it done. In the next couple days (or when it's done) I'll show you pics.

Hope you're having an excellent weekend chicks and dudes! Take care of each other and God bless!

Love Jude


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