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Saturday, August 05, 2006


The room where I sit at my computer (the den) used to be the very back of the house. When my late hubby and I bought this house in 1992 that room had had an addition put on it 6 years before. It is a hot-tub room, and partly what sold us on buying the place. The den I'm in has sliding doors into this hot-tub room, where before there would have been a window to the backyard. That's one of the reasons this den gets so stuffy and hot in the summer, as there are no windows in here to open for fresh air. However, I digress...... This hot-tub seats 7 people, but 4 comfortably.

Cedar benches line 2 sides of the tub. The ceiling in this room is also cedar.

The hot-tub got a LOT of use every year. The first year we even tried running it ALL year long.... even through the summer. But we soon realized 2 things: 1) It wasn't getting much use in the summer. 2) It was far too expensive to run so long.

Cozy morning coffee spot..... and you can see the kitchen window and the back door of the house through this window.

So every October we'd fill it up, add the required chemicals and let it run until April, when we'd empty and clean it out until next autumn. All winter long we'd soak in it and enjoy the jets on our muscles. I had it set up so pretty, when in use I'd have candles all around it, burn incense, and even had music in there. It was always a cozy and inviting space. We even enjoyed morning coffees in there during the summer. (it gets much too hot in there during the summer to be in there during the heat of the day)

A screened off changing area, then up the steps through the sliding doors into the den.

About the same time that my hot flashes started and I couldn't bear to sit in very warm water, the utilities started climbing in price as well. Power, water and gas prices have just soared over the last several years. It was costing way too much money to fill the tub (250 gallons) and to run it continually (power). It's not like a jacuzzi bathtub where you fill it up and then empty it when you're done. These you keep filled, constantly monitor the ph balances and add chemicals as needed, and the water must continually be running through the pump system. Otherwise it would go stagnant and slimy fast. To make my point, with the cost and the fact that I couldn't sit in the hot water anymore, I shut it down for the last time several years ago and it's just sat empty since.

Windows high up, along with a very powerful venting fan, as it got VERY steamy in this room with the hot water from the tub.

Over the next few years, we started using this room for storage. We needed the extra storage space as we don't have the usual use for that in our basement, seeing as it is a basement suite down there that my sister Pammie lives in. At first it was orderly, but as the years passed, things just started being thrown in there. As you will see from the video below:

(or, Click Here.)

Yes, it's a good thing I have 3 weeks holidays coming up next month. This room needs a good overhaul and cleanup! What used to be a beauty definitely turned into quite a beast. However, without this storage space we'd be sunk. As it is, the rest of the house upstairs is pretty crowded and there are no extra closet spaces to store things in. All in all, I guess even though the hot-tub isn't in use anymore, the room still is...... but I have my morning coffee at the computer in the den instead.

Hope you're all having a good weekend, and staying cool! It's been SOOO nice here for the last couple weeks, but come Monday our temperatures are rising again though hopefully not as bad as before.

Take good care of each other, and God bless!

Love Jude


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