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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The flower beds hubby planted a few weeks ago have been doing pretty good, considering the awful heat they endured at first, and then some pretty hard rain twice since. This was the first time for weeding these beds.

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It's coming along, the weeds are slowly disappearing in the late day sun.

God I love that Russian Olive tree..... it's sure growing and filling out nicely.

And it makes a pretty view out our living room window. I can't wait until another couple years go by, and it's taller and fuller. Great shade tree!

About an hour later, and look at the difference between the 2 beds already. The one on the left is obviously still not started yet.

Early the next morning, hubby finished them all off. He was out there quietly working on them before I even woke up:

Those bags on the front step are the red mulch that still has to go under the Blue Spruce.

Everything he planted seems to be doing very well, even these little plants have flowered!

And the next project..... he started right afterwards. Digging around the Blue Spruce to put in Allan Blocks, and then he'll put down the bags of red mulch. Methinks the blocks are going to be a veeery big project though first!

(Allan Blocks, a sample pic):

I'll keep you posted whether you're interested or not as it progresses.

It got hotter than haides here again. But still not as bad as it was a couple times in June and July. AND it's going to cool down a bit again this week, thankfully. I hope you're all staying cool!

Take good care of each other and PEACE be yours.....

Love Jude


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