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Sunday, October 29, 2006


Definitely winter, sudden and cold! Blowing wind and snow to go with it. And it's not even Halloween yet!

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Lexy would SO hate it here right now! Although I haven't heard, she might have the same thing out east..... ?

There is one wicked storm that is HUGE up north and northern B.C. and Alberta are getting the tail end of it..... so thus the snow and cold. It's a bit soon for it to be THIS bad, although not completely unheard of.

It appears a bit "dark" as it was overcast and still snowing some when I took these. The leaves on so many of the trees aren't even ready to change colour let alone fall off yet, as is evident in these pictures:

"Snow! Wherefore did thou come from in such haste??"

"I doth protest!!"

"As do I!!"

"And us, as well!!"

"We ALL do! We doth protest this snow so soon!!"

Ah yes...... it looks so freaking weird, and it's all over the city like this...... blankets of green (and some coloured) leaves all over top of a bunch of snow.

The Tools Of The Day:

Evidence they've been at work already:

This poor Mayday tree hadn't even had the chance to change it's leaves colour yet, and was hanging on to them until the fierce wind blew some of them off through last night.

I know what some of you are going to want to comment: "Jude, you can have it!! It's such-and-such warm degrees HERE right now!" LOL Well, I still wouldn't want to live where there aren't all 4 seasons, and snow is very beautiful and refreshing. It's just not fun when you have to scrape your car, or drive (or walk like me!) on ice. There are some pros and some cons to winter, yes. But if I had to live where it was pretty much summer all year you might as well just take me out and shoot me.

Having said that, and because I adore autumn so much, winter did come far too soon for us this year. Dammit.

Only 5 more weeks and my Christmas Tree is going up! Yeehaw!

Take good care of each other, and I hope your weather suits your preference right now. Until next time........

Love Jude


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