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Friday, November 24, 2006


Remember this?

Early this morning, same shot:

Yup, we've had more of the white stuff, and there's more to come soon apparently. I woke up this morning quite early with a headache, so although I finally have a day off I've been up early enough to start laundry and schlep around the house. Once the sun started coming up, I went outside to take a few pics of the pretty morning.

You may recall a couple weeks ago we had an early "freak" snowfall before the leaves had all turned colour yet and were even all off the trees:

....we have much more now:

I stuck a rake there to try to show you how high this pile is getting.

Hubby spent a couple hours or more out there shovelling last night.

Pretty snow shadows:

A pretty day indeed, but I'm frozen out here!

One last picture from inside the house.

I hope it's much warmer where you are right now! We're looking at daytime highs around the -20 something mark over the next few days, yikes. That would be around -10 or colder for you non-celsius peeps.

Well I'm heading to bed for a much needed nap while laundry continues, and then this afternoon I'm putting up my Christmas tree!

Have a great weekend everyone, and take good care of each other.


Love Jude


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