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Friday, November 03, 2006


Well Lexy sounds like you've got it too..... an early winter. I mean, it's COLD so fast.

I'm working extra days for the next couple of months as we're short staffed. I HATE it. And after the first week of it I'm pooped already, and my feet and legs are killing me as my job is on my feet mostly. So, forgive me in advance if my posts and visits are a tad bit more sporatic for the next while until things get back to normal again. Which they better!

Taken in my hot tub room an hour ago or so. It's not an insulated room don't forget, but still it gives you an idea how much colder it is outside:

This morning it's another cloudy day with the occasional (so far) light snowfall.

Hmmmm... bunny tracks?


I've had some conversations with my friend Pete (and others) about the healing stones I use. My hubby's back is screwed and has been for around 30 years. He always had to wear a back brace to work and when it went out on him he could hardly walk straight. A handful of years ago I started doing hands on healing for his back (I'm a spiritual medium and healer) but using my stones that I have programmed specifically for healing. He hasn't had to wear his back brace since that first time, and it's been stored away in a drawer ever since.

Pete, these are the ones I use. The little dark one is an unfinished Watermelon Tourmaline, a stone no healer should be without as it's so powerful. The rest are all clear quartz crystals, and what they do is amplify the healing process. Kinda help it along, big time.

What we do is this: I hold the Tourmaline in the hand I'm healing with (right hand) and hubby holds one of the clear quartz crystals in his left hand while I do the work. He tends to fall asleep before I'm done, and it takes usually anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.

Now I have a problem healing myself. "Healer heal thyself" is a whole 'nuther story!! I think I just get in my own way subconsciously or something. It HAS worked for me a couple of times though. Anyway for working on myself, I hold the tourmaline in my right hand again, and I place each of the clear quartz crystals around me in a circle with the points pointing at me.

Watermelon Tourmaline is called that because as a finished stone you see it has red/pink and green lines through it that makes it resemble watermelon. If this stone were finished and polished, the dark rock around it would be gone and all you'd see is the beautiful red/green. Hard to see but I tried to get a close up of it:

I hope this gives you a bit more information Pete and will be somewhat helpful.

Okay chicks and dudes, I'm off to bed for a much needed nap! Catch you all soon, take good care of each other and until next time.....

Love Jude


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