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Sunday, November 26, 2006


Every year I put up my Christmas tree at the very end of November. Seeing as this year I'm working 2 extra days that week, I had to get it done a week early, meaning this weekend.

So she's up, and done!

And the wreath that I bought stuff for and decorated myself a few years back:

And my favourite..... my crystal lidded dish that I ball a string of lights up inside in the kitchen:

And last but not least..... my new desk hubby and I got Saturday:

He STILL needs a place to put his computer etc. and I'm sick of it being all over the dining room table. *rolls eyes*. So..... the desk I had is perfect for the spot he needs to put his in, and wasn't working so well for me. This one fits here much better for my use.

Well folks I'm off and running to brave the cold and get some groceries for the week. Anyone need anything? LOL

Have a great week and take good care of each other! If you still need to get in the Christmas spirit perhaps the above pics will help, and if not try my old standby:



Love Jude


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