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Thursday, November 23, 2006


A month after ours, my friends to the south of us are celebrating their Thanksgiving today. I'm sure there will be much turkey eaten and many reasons for thanks to be given. I for one am forever grateful for the friendships I've made with so many of you south of our border!

As you gobble down the chow (pun intended) think of me having my bologne sandwich for lunch at work today, in our VERY FROZEN temperatures where I reside. It must be some cruel joke.... did your cousins up in Alaska send this icy Arctic air to descend upon us here?

Not only do we have a lot of snow, but we are getting more of it today. We are in a veritable "deep freeze" here, this morning at 6:30 a.m. the temperature out there is 14F with the windchill...... and that folks, is going to be our HIGH on Monday coming up. Can you say, "BRRRRRRR"? I can hear teeth breaking from the chattering here.... My guess is we've probably already got around a foot of snow and we are, as I mentioned, in for more.

Still in the nasty throes of working extra days so once again I apologize for not frequenting your blogs as often as I normally might; nor posting as often as I usually do on my own. But, I SHALL RETURN! One day soon, at least in the next few weeks.

But for the moment, I wish my American friends a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I hope you all have a safe and warm holiday. And to all of you out there, take good care of each other, I'll catch you soon.

Love Jude


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