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Saturday, December 02, 2006


Sorry I've been absent so much, one more week of extra days and I should be home more again. *Whew!*

Today was my only day this week where I can be home and do NOTHING. Seeing as I haven't posted anything for something like 4 days I thought I'd share some Christmasy type pics from around my house.

To see the rest, please go HERE.

It's been quite the long haul at work, and I'm so pooped quite frankly I am sometimes in a foggy haze when I'm there. Not a good thing on the job! I'm positive some of my co-workers think I'm losing it entirely. LOL

But after next week I have one "wonky" week to do, three days off in a row (YAY!) and then work Saturday. At least I'll get some much needed rest on days off.

Holy crap it's nice outside, but we have so much snow. Not a worry unless you think about what will happen if we get a bunch more without losing any of this stuff first! There's soon going to be just nowhere to put it. OY.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Def Leppard's oh-so-sexy bass player today! Sav is 46 years old. Wow!

Hope you're all having a groovy weekend. Take great care of each other and I'll catch you again soon.

Love Jude


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