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Sunday, January 28, 2007


When I came back from my doctor's appointment the other day, I decided to grab my camera and wander around the yard for some more snow shots. We've had a lot of melting but there was so much snow that it'll take a loooooong warm spring to make it all disappear.

There hasn't been a nice fresh snowfall recently, and you can see that in the teeny bits of dirt melting into the snow.

There are many places where you can see the layers from the different snowfalls we have had so far this winter:

And there are areas where the previous day's warm, steady sun left evidence of melting. This first one is a mound of snow underneath the garage's eavestroughing, where the melt was pouring off into this pile and leaving a splash pattern:

And still other hidden treasures were starting to peek through some melting snow:

It won't be long now, as the worst of winter here is pretty much over in another month. Come March we still could get some snow like we did last year, but the temperatures being warmer then keep it melted anyway. But for the time being, we can still see last year's foliage in bits and pieces in our wintry back yard.

As for the doctor's appointment, it is for my annual cholesterol check. As normal, he gives me a lab form and I take it to a lab for some bloodletting blood tests to check my count. So far the Lipitor has helped tremendously, I've been on it now for I guess about 5 years. This year though, he is also checking for something else, as I've had constant pain in some of my joints. He's ruling out things like arthritis with the same blood and urine tests. I should hear back mid week so we'll see.

This afternoon I attended a baby shower with a bunch of girlfriends. My friend Vicky had her first baby several weeks ago, a beautiful little girl named Emma Victoria. She won't have to buy clothes for Emma for some time judging by the gifts today! Vic I'm so proud of you, she is as beautiful as you are. (((hugs)))

Well peepses another weekend just bit the dust and it's back to the grind tomorrow. I have to work an extra day this week, so I won't have a day off until Friday, which is when my cable company is coming out to look at my internet connection problem. It takes me sometimes a half day just to get the connection up and running, and it might stay connected for a couple of hours. Like now, which is why I wanted to get this blog post in while I could! If you don't see me around much it's because of that.

Have a great week everyone, take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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