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Friday, January 19, 2007


I found something else that blew me away, and I had to make a new header pic. I think it's beautiful, and so much more elegant. (Not that I'm all that elegant, pffttt!! LOL) But I think this picture speaks volumes.

I tweaked lots last night and because of that I'm getting to bed awfully late, but it feels good to have it pretty much done the way I want it now.

I got rid of those nasty, evil underlines on all of my links.
I got the date to show up, that took some tweaking let me tell you.
I got a slightly better Haloscan template too. It's not as nice as the coffee one I used to have but until there is something that cool show up again something like the one I have now will suffice.

There are a couple more little things but they're not glaring so I can work away at them in time.

I'm happy. And I'm tired. G'night all!

Love Jude


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