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Thursday, January 18, 2007



Kate did it. Tracey did it. I felt the need to do it too, after looking through gazillions of blog skins for Kate and Tracey.

Finally got Haloscan in, took me a bit to figure it out in this fussy template but it's done!

So......?? Whaddya think? Different for me huh? I've never been overly fond of black backgrounds but I thought it was time for a change and I like what I created at the top with this one. I have some more tweaking to do, and I'll be back!


So I had to get rid of my old Haloscan template, the background pic in that template (remember the coffee cups?) seems to be no longer hosted by either the owner or by Haloscan... whoever it is that hosts those skins. I picked another one for now and unless I find something I like better it'll do.

I SO want to learn one day how to make my own blogskins. (and make 'em for friends at their requests) I know enough html coding to make basic changes to an existing skin but not near enough to make a skin from scratch. I would also need programs that I don't have.
So, what I looked for was a simple black skin ~ ONE scroll bar that moves the entire blog ~ black background, and not too hard on the eyes. I found this one.

Then........ I worked at getting my own flavour of picture at the top and my own wording beside it. I knew what I wanted more or less, just had to make it. So that's what I've been up to for the last several days.

This skin DOES have 2 issues I'm trying to figure out though. It won't post the blog post DATE..... the coding is in there exactly as it should be, but it won't work. I'll have to keep working on that, in the meantime I can type in the date myself.

The other issue is all those damn underlines in the links! Bleh! LOL Another thing I'll have to keep working on. But for the time being it's almost the way I want it now.

Who knows? I might find a picture for the top that I like better...... or I still might change the coding on my subtitles to my own liking. We'll see. **grins**

Love Jude


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