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Friday, February 23, 2007

INSIDE JOB (finally done!)

So you may remember my telling you how when we got the new dining room furniture (that is much bigger than the old piddly assed stuff) that the dining room chandelier now hung over the chair at the end of the table, instead of in the center of the new table?

Well, hubby FINALLY got around to solving that problem.

It would have been a lot bigger job for him to move the electrical in the ceiling, simply because we would have had a huge hole to patch. So, I suggested swagging the light over onto a hook.

So we measured the ceiling to where the middle of the table is, and hubby stuck a long screw in that spot. Long enough so he could find it up in the attic.

And, up he goes!

All winter long I wanted that chandelier moved, but it was waaaaay too cold up in the attic to do it. The only thing separating the ceiling you see here from the cold winter air is a layer of shingles.

He got the job done in 2 evenings and now it's finally not lop-sided in there.

AND nobody will bang their head on the fixture anymore either!

Good thing it's done now too, because this weekend I'm having a birthday dinner party for him at that table. The old fart will be 56 on Friday!

Speaking of which, it's Friday, the day before the partay at my house.

The pork chops are ready to trim, and tomorrow I'll pop 'em in the oven to brown, then add mushrooms and mushroom soup.

And I just baked a cake. (cherry flavoured)

I put cream cheese flavoured icing on it. YUM. AND I made a little grave out of a cute "over the hill" tombstone candle. Heh heh.

Well now, laundry is on the go and I need to do some ironing afterwards. And most importantly I need to get this house cleaned! So chicks and dudes I'm off and running. Have a great weekend and don't forget, take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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