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Thursday, March 29, 2007


Well it's been 6 months, so tomorrow (Friday) I'm off to see that dreaded of all professionals...... THE DENTIST. **shivers** Actually it's just for my twice yearly clean and check, and unless he finds something that should do it for another half a year. Dr. I.L. Drillya is walking distance from my home and seeing as the spring weather is upon us, it should be a pleasant jaunt there and back. The back alley, which has been a nightmare of ruts of ice, has at least half melted away and is now safer to walk down.

It was a rather emotional last week at work, our Insurance manager is retiring and tomorrow is her last day. I really like her, she's my age and just newly widowed. She's a great person and will be sorely missed in our office. Of course we're all worrying over who will replace her now, and hoping it'll be someone as nice as Gail was.

Also, my own manager (and friend) has been away all week, staying at the Stollery Children's hospital with her 6 yr. old son. He developed severe stomach pain and when she took him last weekend to the hospital they admitted him when they discovered his blood pressure was through the roof. We're all worried sick about the little guy, and praying hard for him. So far they cannot find the cause of all this, and daily they just keep doing rounds of tests, ruling out some of the possibilities. I think at this point they're suspecting a virus of some sort might be causing the stomach pain and high blood pressure. Hopefully the cause will be found very soon, and an easy "fix" for him. Meanwhile, we're all deeply concerned.

On the homefront, my "bad pain days" have become a thing of the past (last week) and I'm feeling much better. I haven't taken any pain meds at night for several days now! WooHoo! I realize that with arthritis it can flare up, so I know I'm not out of the woods completely, but hopefully with time the Glucosamine will start to help, and if not that, then perhaps Shark Cartilage or something. Anything to keep me from having to take pain meds so often. I'll keep ya posted!

That's about it at my end of cyber space, I'll check in on all your blogs and see what's up. I hope you all have a good weekend, take good care of each other and until next time.........


Love Jude


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