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Sunday, March 25, 2007


I'm back, if only in short spurts. The arm is feeling better than it was (actually this means that now both arms are involved) but it aggravates it to be using the keyboard and mouse too much. I'll be heading back to the doc for pain management and whatever else he can do to help, if this isn't gone in a couple of days or so.

And as spring officially arrived this past week, so has our front lawn. I really love the soft spring sunshine in the mornings, and early this morning I enjoyed the light outside and inside:

It's been fun to watch the progression of snow melt here, as the weather changes. With this new blogger, clicking on the pictures takes you to a larger size I believe?

A week ago:

A few days later it decided to snow a bit as a last gasp:

And then by yesterday not much left:

.......and hubby decided to shovel some of that into the spot under the blue spruce, to give the 3 young bushes under there some moisture:

And by the next day (today) this is all that's left, it's pretty much gone out front now:

Now you can see both flower beds, and just a couple of weeks ago they were completely buried under FEET of snow!


Just got home from getting groceries and took this shot. The snow is all gone out front now, and I wanted to show you something. See the shiny whitish sheen over much of the lawn? That's not snow, it's SNOW MOLD. Some of you may have never heard of it but it's a fact. Some people are really allergic to this stuff. I was looking at it up close and it looks exactly like you'd expect mold to look like. Yech. When we get some spring rain and rake the yard it'll be gone.

Anyway I'm going to finish putting groceries away and then get some R&R. I wish you all a great week, I'll catch you soon! Take good care of each other........

Love Jude


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