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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


So far I don't see a whole lot of difference really. Except one thing, which I absolutely hate and it's driving me to drink. I have to "sign in" each and every time I go to my blog. A small thing perhaps to some but to me it's just a royal pain. You sign in and it even gives you the option to "remember me" but it obviously has about as many memory cells as I do!

Some of you still have the blogger band running up on the top of your blog pages, if you want to get rid of it it's a very easy thing to do. Not that it gets in the way on some blog pages, as is the case with Raggedy's Blog. It just sort of blends in and isn't in the way of her own blog header text. But on some, like my own, the blogger band sat right on top of part of my flower and the first line of text "to grow", so I had to get rid of it.

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If you want to get rid of yours, all you do is insert a simple code in your template. It won't let me list the code here precisely as it thinks I'm trying to html something, so let me try to explain it. Near the top of your template find where it says "body" which is encased with the < and > tags. Just directly above that put in "noembed" with the < and > tags, and just below "body" put in "/noembed" with the < and > tags. Of course, leave out all the asterisks, I had to put them in here for your benefit. Remember always always always "preview" it first before you change it for good!

That should do it.

Yesterday was the longest day I've ever had to get through at work. I was so sick but as I was there I decided to just hang in and get the whole day in. Last night I just wanted someone to shoot me, I hurt absolutely everywhere. And my nose didn't stop running. Thanks hubby for sharing. *sigh*

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I'm staying home from work today. And Advil Xtra Strength helps tremendously with body aches. And Tylenol Cold Nighttime meds stopped the running nose and helped me to sleep a bit. I just didn't take them at the same time, to be safe. So today I'm having a nap and just taking it easy. At least with the above meds it's not as unbearable to be alive. LOL

Thanks for all your well wishes, by the way. Hubby gets a bad cold every spring, and that's about the same time my autumn flu shot is wearing off. I spend a week or 2 while he's sick washing my hands a gazillion times a day, not using anything he does (towels, coffee spoons etc.) and just generally doing everything I can not to get sick. But when you sleep beside the sick person every night and breathe in the same air it's soooooo hard not to finally succumb. It's only a cold and it'll pass!!

Oh, and I'm almost finished my first bottle of Liquid Glucosamine, and so far it hasn't bothered me in the least. If after a few months I don't notice a difference in pain I'm going to try my buddy Trucker Bob's suggestion of Shark Cartilage. Anyway this stuff sure beats those damn pills I tried.
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Well folks I'm off to catch up on some blogs and forums before I head for a nap. Take good care of each other, and have a good Hump Day!

Love Jude


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