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Friday, March 09, 2007


Today's the first day I'm actually starting to see some improvement with this cold of mine. My red-raw nose has finally stopped pretending to me my kitchen taps and my nasal passages don't sting anymore. Now, hubby and I are just having loads of fun keeping each other awake all night hacking and coughing like seals. LOL But, it's getting better, YAY!

What a GORGEOUS day again today. The sun is shining in that big ol' Alberta Blue sky and the snow is slowly melting. I'm home from work today as usual for a Friday, and doing laundry.

Sister Pammie's 2 angel doggies are both getting older. Lady (Bugs) is turning 15 yrs. old tomorrow!! *sob, sniff* As goes with her age, she needs outside a lot more often and frequently doesn't make it through the day anymore when there's nobody home. So, when I am home like today, I'll go down partway through the day and let them both out for a potty run.

While out today with them I grabbed my camera to make a wee video of our backyard "water fountain" and the doggies. Sorry, you'll really have to turn your sound up as my voice doesn't come out very strong with this head cold!


I even managed to get through the whole video without hacking up a lung!

Speaking of which, I wasn't so lucky when I had a nice phone chat with my friend TRUCKER BOB this afternoon, the poor guy had to listen to me barking a few times. We're trying to work out how he'll be able to make blog posts on his upcoming trips in his new RV while he's on the road in more remote places like up north. We'll get it figured out Bob..... where there are friends, there are ways!

Back down to the laundry room for me folks, so I'll wish you all a great weekend, and don't forget to take great care of each other!

Love Jude


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