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Saturday, April 21, 2007


If you've got dry skin as badly as I do, you might be interested in this stuff. This little package came complete with a nail file.

It's my new favourite, and it comes in teeny tin pots for your purse or tubes for the house.

I use it for a moisturizer on my face and of course as a hand lotion. It's good!


It's still chilly out there and very cloudy. More rain in the forecast which is good as we still need it. Hopefully no more snow though.

Sister Pammie's older doggie Lady (Bugs) gave us a good scare again 2 days ago. Blood in her urine and frequent urinating. She spent the day at the vet's getting blood and urine tested (good GAWD it's tough leaving them there!!) and they found she has a very bad urinary tract infection. She's on antibiotics, and seems to be doing a lot better although she's tired and sleeping a lot.

Dammit it's hard seeing the little darlings sick. And as she's 15 yrs. old now, every little issue is scarier than ever.

Hope you're all having a good weekend, take good care of each other and until next time........

Love Jude


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