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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


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I thought we were in the clear, it's April and the sunny spring weather had melted most of our snow away....... until yesterday when Old Man Winter decided he wasn't done screwing with us yet.

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Before I went to work early this morning I took a few shots of the fresh layer of snow we got yesterday. We're supposed to get more before the week is out, but by the weekend the temperatures are climbing back up again and I'm sure we'll lose all of this quickly.

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But for now, we've another fresh layer of the white stuff, not enough to shovel, but just enough to remind us how fickle spring can be.

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The Farmer's Almanac stated that we were to have a long, snowy winter and they were right. Now, I'm hearing that they are predicting an extremely hot and dry summer. HOT being the key word here. I think I might seriously entertain the notion to move to the North Pole. :-(

In other news, I think I forgot to mention something that made me feel rather good. When I went Friday for my dentist appointment and had my teeth cleaned and checked, I was told that I have "immaculate oral hygiene". Immaculate! Wow, cool huh? LOL So go ahead, kiss me!

Well I'm off to bed in an hour or so, but first I'm popping some Sweet Corn. Yum. Never heard of it until sister Pammie told me about it not long ago, and now I'm loving it!

Have a great week everyone, and take good care of each other. Happy Easter!!

Love Jude


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