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Thursday, April 12, 2007


I often get a hankering for something and that's what I'll eat for awhile until I move on to the next hankering. Recently, I've been enjoying this for dinner:

Pollock (fake crab meat), and baby carrots dipped in 3 Cheese Ranch Dressing. And my ever present glass of skim milk mixed with chocolate Soy Milk.

And for a late night snack:

This stuff is a combination of sweet/salty popcorn. I NEVER would have thought I'd like it so much, as a matter of fact the first time I tried it I wasn't too crazy about it. I guess my taste buds just needed to acclimate because now I love it.

Today is my "do nothing" day. I have to work on Saturday (short staffed again, *sigh*) so Friday I'll be taking care of laundry, ironing, housework etc. So, that leaves my first day off this week (today) to relax, nap, chat on the phone with Trucker Bob (thanks Bob!) and maybe read and watch some TV.

Oh, and snack on some sweet popcorn.

I did head outside with my camera to look for items that have rust on them. This month's Opacity contest is "Rust". I have a few good ones, and some I won't use. Goodness knows hubby has enough CRAP out back and there are quite a few rusty pieces of it. This one isn't for the contest, but I just love this old rusting wheelbarrow.

Okay I'm heading for a nice long nap. Have a good one everyone, and take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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