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Monday, April 09, 2007


There was a new kind of photo competition over at Opacity a couple weeks ago, and this one was hilariously fun. It was a Photoshop Competition. As I don't have such a program I didn't participate directly, but indirectly it seems I did.

This competition was to take photos of any members on the Opacity forums (and there are many hundreds of members) and photoshop their pics onto something humourous. Over there you must remember I am known as "Ma", because I'm one of the oldest females there. The joke always is that if anyone gets out of line "Ma will whup your butt with a good spankin". Okay so having said that, there were a few entries that had my pic used, and these were my 2 favourites. I thought they were well done, no matter who the subject matter was.

**Click on the pics to enlarge them for viewing**

This first one is most hilarious because of the joke that I'll whup butt when necessary. And the person who created this one happens to be a good friend over there. I got after him for giving me such pointy boobs.

Of all the entries, this next one was the actual winner of the contest. This guy put SO much work into this one, and used many forum members' pics. I actually voted for this one myself because of the great job he did. And yeah, that's ME he put in the centre. With a halo?? Hah!

Too much fun!

The weather might just be FINALLY changing for the better. I am hearing that all over it's been one very weird spring so far. It was a lovely warm and sunny day here yesterday. Hopefully the temperatures will stay this way and the rest of the snow will melt. Boy do we need some spring rains to clean everything up.

I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend, take good care of each other and I'll catch you soon!

Love Jude


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