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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Well *blushes* yes I mean ME of course!!

Except that "hot stuff" and me right now refers to the hot temperatures here of late and my hot flash blushes which are worse in hot weather.

Once again I am posting a week later, this time due to the heat in this non-airconditioned house. It's been a week now, and the temps according to the Weather Channel will be staying up there for at least another week. (it only goes as far as a week in advance, so who knows how much longer this heat wave will REALLY be kickin' my ass!)

And kick my ass it does. I don't just get "hot" and sweaty. I mean I DO, but I also get very sick with heat exhaustion. Not a pretty sight.

Anyway I get online to try keeping up to date with my emails, forums and bloglinks but can't sit here long enough to post anything much on my own blog. However you'll notice I have posted on the last 3 Thursdays (as today) because it is my first day off during the week and I can get to this in the morning before the house goes from 85 degrees to 100. LOL

So I'll just keep doing the best I can until we get some normal summer weather again. And in the meantime please be patient with me as far as posting here.

Something I realized I've been really slack on was posting the pics I have been entering in the monthly photo competition over at my favourite photography forum, Opacity. It's been months, actually!! No I haven't "won" any, but that's not what makes it fun anyway. I just love the excuse once a month to try hard to get a few decent shots of something, and mostly to see all the really terrific entries!

So here are some of the last ones, I'm too lazy to dig back in my archives to see where I left off so my apologies if I've already posted any of these before.

This theme was "Christmas Gifts."

This theme was "Weather."

This theme was "Rust."

This theme was "Nature in Macro."

This theme was "Stone." (last month, so this catches me up)

This month's theme is "Texture" and I have 3 shots lined up ready to go for the end of the month. I'll try to remember (with my heat-fried remaining brain cell) to post them once the competition has begun.

I just had an orgasmic moment here!! As a lot of you know, I'm an Airforce brat, which means growing up listening to military jets screaming overhead daily. It's been 37 years since I graduated from high school and left that life behind, and probably 15 years or so since I last went to an airshow where they had military jets. I still miss that sound so much, I think I always will.

Well today it's very cloudy and the "ceiling" is extremely low up there. About 10 minutes ago I just heard jets flying VERY LOW overhead screaming over the house, not once but about 5 different times!! I ran outside after the first few times (they go by so fast it's hard to get to a window in time to see anything) but I still missed the next few after I came back in. What a great sound, I loved it!!!! There's an old Airforce base just outside our city that was changed over to an Army base several years ago, and I'm wondering if there's some reason we're landing jets there today.

Let me just try to explain how LOUD these things are. On one of the 5 passes overhead there must have been 2 or more together fly over, because it was so loud that it set off car alarms around the neighbourhood! Woohoo!


Anyway that was my excitement for today. I need to go lay down now. LOL

Hope your upcoming weekend rocks, take good care of each other!


Love Jude


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