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Sunday, July 22, 2007


After 5 months taking the liquid Glucosamine, I must give up on it and try something else. That something being Shark Cartilage. I was hopeful but my arms are just as painful as before. Wish me luck on the new stuff, it gets really hard to sleep well at night when I keep waking up in pain from laying on one arm and having to roll to the other until it wakes me up.

I'm still hopeful though!

And yes I am stating publicly that I HATE SWEATING!!! I'm sick of never being dry for any length of time. We had 2 days reprieve from the really hot stuff this past couple of days but the temps are right back up there again now.

At 80F degrees, this room is cooled as much as I can get it with the use of fans. We have 5 fans going in the house, some sucking cooler air at night in, others blowing hot air out, and yet others just blowing on us to try and keep us dry at least.

Today being grocery shopping day (in a NON airconditioned car) there were some things purchased to help keep us cooler.

This is mine:

This is hubby's:

I remember as a kid Mom making us popsicles in those Tupperware popsicle thingies out of fruit juices and Freshie (like Koolaide). Those were so good, yum!

I hope you are all staying cool where you are. I'm starting to wonder if I'm really going to Hell and this is my dress rehearsal?

Ah yes, Hell's Hippie Chick. I hope they play lots of Def Leppard there. And have popsicles.

Have a great week, and take good care of each other!

Love Sweaty Jude


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