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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Nope not my endowments, those are overly much and just get in my damn way really. What I'm talking about is scarier than that.

We might be dealing with the old "putting the sugar bowl in the fridge" syndrome.... you know, getting older and forgetful.

Until I got paid Friday, I had a grand total of a whopping $5.63 in my bank account. I should have had a couple of hundred. But last weekend I did the sugarbowl thing.

First, I overspent WAY too much on groceries, thinking I should be okay but only because I overlooked just how expensive some batteries I bought were going to be. That was my first mistake, not looking at the prices.

Then a day later I made a monthly payment to my bank. No big deal right? Well it wouldn't have been had I not already made that payment for the month! That's the first time I've ever done something like that and I can't believe I did it.

The very first mental signs of my mentalpause showed up several years ago when I started making a habit of walking into a room and forgetting why I went there. How embarassing, even if it was only me who knew I did it. Now, that's become so old hat it's almost comforting and keeps me aware that I'm indeed still alive. I think the second thing that showed up was forgetting conversations that took place between myself and another person. Like a day earlier for heavens sake. Sister Pammie will correct me if I'm wrong, she was keeping pretty good track of my mentalpausedness damn her.... but that's okay she's getting it now. Bua ha ha.

That's the scary part; I can vividly remember my 4th. birthday party but can't for the life of me recall what I said to someone yesterday. I've heard that it's the "short term" memory that goes first, and holy schmoly that's true!

Being the first time I ever ran my bank account into the ground unknowingly though, scared the pants off me last week. As I said, my paycheque on Friday meant that we could eat something more this week than the condiments in my cupboards, thankfully. And my Widow's Pension comes through a few days from the end of the month so I'll be okay for the end of the month stuff. Whew!

Ginko Biloba save me a seat because here I come. Better make that season's tickets if you please!


One of my dearest blogger friends is going through a very rough time. Within the last 2 years Karen fought the brave fight with breast cancer and thankfully won. Recently she just found out her Mother has it. My heart goes out to her and her Mom, and I'm keeping them in my prayers. If you've a moment please stop by over at KAREN'S and give her a supporting hug. Thank you so much.

On a lighter note, the weather here has been gorgeous. We're looking at sunny skies and temps just under 70 this coming week. Last week the forecast for yesterday was rain and possible snow. Well it was so far from that it wasn't even funny. I'm so in love with autumn!

Wherever you are on my Guestmap I hope you have a wonderful upcoming week. Take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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