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Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's unbelievable how so very fast this time has gone by since last Christmas! I just finished saying to a friend that even though the time really does go by faster the older you get, this past year fairly whizzed by! My hair is still flying straight out behind me. LOL

It is the end of November, so my Christmas tree has been lugged upstairs in it's festive red nylon bag, ready to assemble. I am still going to try doing it this weekend but if that fails next weekend it will be finished. I like having it up for awhile, it's too much work to do it all only to take it all down again in a couple of weeks. Besides, Christmas lights and decorations are so pretty to look at!

I have also started gathering ingredients and supplies to begin making some of my gifts, and I've already got one item all done. I don't have that many gifts to actually purchase now, as some of them I've been accumulating for a short time. Who can afford to make all the purchases at once anyway?

Hell, I've even got 2 gifts wrapped already. But that's only because one of them is for hubby and I don't want him peeking.

We are one month away now from the holiday, and so far we still don't have snow. Completely unexpected as we were forecasted to have another long winter like last, which last year meant it started with whopping amounts of snow EARLY in the year. We are, however, expecting to get some flurries in the next couple of days and the temperatures are going to take a dive. The first days of next week are supposed to have daytime HIGHS of only about 8 F so my walking to work in the morning days are now over until spring. One of the girls I work with will be picking me up on her way in. Thank goodness for her!

Well enough about the upcoming holiday season for the moment, it's still far enough away but I just wanted to share some pre-Christmas planning! I hope you're all doing well, and that all of my American readers had a great Thanksgiving. It's been awhile now since we've had turkey up here so I'll be more than ready for it again.

Take good care of each other and have a great week.

Love Jude


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