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Friday, November 16, 2007


Howdy all, good heavens where does the time fly off to? It seems like a few months ago I took down my Christmas tree and here in another 2 weeks or maybe less, I'll be putting it back up again. Yay! It IS my favourite time of the year, afterall. I know.... I know..... those of you who don't live up here haven't even had Thanksgiving yet. That's what I love about having ours in October, it's not so close to the next turkey time!

Some potential fabulous news, I think. Maybe. Hubby is apparently getting tired of being nudged awake to turn over when he's sleeping noisily on his back. So he made an appointment and came home with this yesterday.

The thing is, it will cost close to $1,000 and we don't have that kind of dough. He would have to dip into his retirement savings to do this. I told him he doesn't really have to do this and that's when he mentioned being awakened to turn over when he's snoring on his back, and he also said he's aware that I have many sleepless nights because of his snoring. So....... he's thinking on it. The other thing is that he was told that some people have minimal pain and others have a raging painful throat from this laser surgery. He's not sure, of course, which category he'll fall under but isn't overly concerned as long as he doesn't have to miss any work.

The other thing is, it may not be totally fixed with one surgery either. Might take another one or two times to get it. I guess we'll see if he goes through with this or not! Now to figure out how to keep him from tossing and turning, which is what keeps me awake the other half of the time on bad nights.

I've got hoards and hoards of pictures on my computer and not one is backed up. I've got a bunch of CD's to get them onto, I will just have sister Pammie show me how to do so, and I'll get it done. There are a lot of irreplacable shots and I'd hate to lose any. After 2 years of being a photography hobbiest (is that a word?) you can imagine how many I have on here. Scarey thought to lose any of them!

We have a birthday amongst us! Saturday is a very special lady's big day, please do me a favour and head on over to KATE'S BLOG, tell her Jude said dang woman, you're getting old! Happy Birthday!

I hope you all have a great weekend, take good care of each other and I'll see ya in the blogs.

Love Jude


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