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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm asking for anyone who is willing to please keep LadyBugs in your prayers. Sister Pammie and I are both becoming emotional wrecks as her oldest doggie has been at the vet's since Tuesday night. Pam came home from work to find Bugsie on the floor and she wasn't moving. She was awake but she didn't want to walk or sit, stand, anything but lay down. She's a very, very sick pup. They think it's her liver and they're not sure just how bad it is. She's on I.V. and antibiotics and we're just waiting to see what happens.

Of course it goes without saying we're scared shitless. Losing her would be devastating. Please please keep her in your prayers? She really needs them.

Thank you!


Now on a much lighter note, I wanted to include a blog link in this post for you to go wish a very good friend of mine a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! But, for some reason half of my bloglinks aren't working. :-(

Please click on "Tracey" near the bottom of my links, and go wish that woman a blessed day for Friday the 7th, and I hope when you do the link will work for you!

**EDIT** The links are working again! Go tell Tracey she's old Happy Birthday HERE.

I downloaded IE7 the other day and I don't know if that's part of the issue but I've been having some problems since. I think I want my IE 6 back.

Tracers, I love ya darlin', HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!



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