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Friday, December 14, 2007

Mid December at the Hippie Chick's

Little Bugsy is holding her own, and her and us are all happy that she's home. We've noticed that she's having more "seizures" of late, which she's been on heart medication for for the last months. They're not really "seizures" but that's what they remind me of, it's called "arrythmia" and it's when her heart stops momentarily. When it happens she's not conscious but she cries and yelps. It's so sad to witness and breaks my heart.

Since we brought her home we've also noticed she has a lot of weakness in her back legs. You'd never know there was anything going on with her to watch her, but she's now having trouble jumping up on the sofa and Pam's bed. She jumps down just fine though. So Pammie bought her a step stool, I'll have to find out if she's using it successfully or not. At any rate she's doing okay otherwise for now and every day she's still with us is a blessing.

I've been spending any spare time the last week or so getting all my gifts made, and now I'm all done!

The weather warmed up and it's been probably the nicest winter weather a person could have. We haven't had much more for snow either, just a dusting here and there to add to what we already had, so it's not amounted to much in total so far.

I just hope and pray the nice temperatures stay with us throughout the upcoming holidays!

1. The gifts are all under the tree

2. Another angle

3. My fuzzy gift bags

4. My favourite one is the red one

5. Hubby out shovelling the "dusting" this afternoon

6. Blue skies, nice weather

7. Shimmering snow


Are you ready yet?

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, take good care of each other and until next time........


Love Jude


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