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Friday, January 11, 2008


It's true, after Christmas all their is to look forward to in the near future is WINTER. Of course after that we have spring to set our sights on though!

I never take my tree down until after Ukranian Christmas (my roots; the ancestory, not the tree) on January 7th. This year I was a few days late as I only got it down yesterday. I was feeling a bit under the weather last weekend so I didn't even go there.

Now, as every year post Christmas, my living room looks so.... naked. Every time I walk by I am surprised to see out my living room window with no big tree blocking it. Ah yes, the pretty lights and sparklies will have to sit in limbo until next December. So be it.

The other part of the post Season ordinariness (if that's not a real word I just made it one) is that we're all back to the mundane ritual of work. At least in Alberta we don't have to wait until Easter to have a paid day off anymore as we have what's called "Family Day" the third Monday of every February. So, that means in exactly 5 weeks I'll have a paid long weekend.

Can you tell I'm sick and tired of working for a living? (aren't most of us!)

There is one thing I've been dearly looking forward to since Christmas, and that is the chance to finally watch the new(er) Pirates movie starring one of my favourites, Captain Jack Sparrow. I bought "At World's End" when it came out on December 5th. Hubby had to buy me a new TV as the one we had kept going black & white. Well we've now got the TV hooked up and hanging on the wall (flat screen) but we simply can't get the DVD player (or the VCR) hooked up properly. Techy challenged we are, although usually it's not a problem to get those things hooked up. New fangled TV's I suppose. Anyway, the movie so dearly awaited still sits in it's case, taunting me. One of these days we'll work on the problem again.

Another "techy" issue I've had to deal with this last week or so is all hubby's fault. heh heh

When he bought his computer a year ago he set it up on a wireless router to mine. I just assumed he'd taken care of securing it. Huh.

Last week a neighbour across the street we don't even know, stopped hubby on the street and told him he was able to get into our system and hadn't we best secure it? I was flabbergasted as I thought it was all done a year ago. I guess I should have known though, as hubby knows diddly squat about computers, even less than I do. To say the least, it's been stressful for this VERY non-techy chick trying to figure it all out. With the help of blogging friends (you know who you are and THANK YOU!!!!) I've gotten it pretty much done. Just one last issue I can't figure out how to fix.

Ah yes, wintertime ordinariness with some fun little stresses thrown in for good measure. LOL


And further to my last post:

I need email addresses for a couple of you ladies who expressed interest. Danni and Lowa, you can reach me at judles@shaw.ca

I hope you all have a rocking good weekend! Take care of each other, and until next time......


Love Jude


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