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Sunday, January 20, 2008


It always amazes me just how much I sometimes feel that "I'm being looked after". There have been many times in my life that I have found myself in difficulties, some profoundly tough to get through and others not so immense but difficult nonetheless. And sometimes I wasn't even aware that darkness lurked around the corner just waiting to jump on me.

And so many of these instances I can look back and think, "wow I sure got some help from somewhere."

I'm sure all of you have had experiences like that. Call it Divine Intervention, Divine Guidance, God, Guardian Angels, Universal Energies; call it what you will it is there for all of us. Some of us may just not recognize it for what it is, others of us feel its presence in our lives often.

It can even be in the form of friends, loved ones or perfect strangers. I believe people (and situations) are placed in our lives at specific times for specific reasons. To help. To teach. To learn from us. For many reasons.

There was the time just after my late husband passed away. It was a weekend morning, early. Around 6 a.m. or so I believe. The house was silent, sister Pammie was asleep in her suite downstairs and I was upstairs in my own bedroom. I was awakened from a sound "dead to the world" sleep suddenly, and sat bolt upright in bed. I had NO idea what woke me up but I knew it was "someONE" not someTHING. And even in my sleepy stupor I knew that I was supposed to strain my ears and listen. So I sat there for about 10 seconds wondering. Then I heard it in the silence of the house. A crackling sound, a foreign to my ears sound. And yet I knew what it was. Electricity.

To make a long story short, I made my way downstairs when I saw nothing upstairs, and found the laundry room full of hazy smoke and sparks snapping from the plug behind the washer/dryer. It was just catching fire, and was covered in black soot. I pulled the plug and later had it fixed.

There were other things, the same sort of experience. Being "nudged" to my annoyance (which afterwards made me ashamed for being annoyed) to check something and when I did there was a major problem about to happen.

Lots of little things too. A push in the right direction; help in the way of inexplainable comfort washing over me when I never needed it so badly; finances suddenly improving when I couldn't sleep for worry...... we've all had these experiences. I just call it "being taken care of" and I have found in my almost 56 years that it happens most often and most easily when I just have "faith" during the hardest times.

It came to me in the form of an unsuspecting friend who gave me the above little Guardian Angel button recently just exactly when I needed the reminder.

Life is full of ups and downs, and one thing constant is the fact that we are "being looked after". Somehow we just keep on plugging away even during hardships.

I hope you all had a restful weekend, and I hope the coming week is full of "being looked after". Whether you need it or not. Take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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