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Saturday, January 05, 2008


Some of you may recall that every year for Christmas I make my sisters and a couple of friends some "special" gifts. All 100% natural, all made in my kitchen.

It's something I look forward to each year as I love making this stuff. Must be the Hippie Chick in me.

The first year I did this, I made baskets up with glycerine soaps, bath salts, lip balms, lemon and lavender spritzers, and a healing balm. I threw in some loofas and seashells and plastic wrapped the whole basket. What fun!

It's become a Christmas tradition although due to the expense of the healing balm (there are something like 13 essential oils in it!) I have left that one out.

Well. Who would have ever known this would happen? A few weeks before Christmas this year I was sitting in the lunch room at work with 2 lady co-workers and they were both talking about bath products and how they like the natural ones. Between bites I innocently said "I make some of those." Hah! They both went ballistic and said they'd pay-good-money-for-home-made-all-natural-products-and-would-I-please-make-them-some-they'd-pay-me? LOL

In the first few days after that through word of mouth I got myself a half dozen orders to fill and made myself just under $100. And it was FUN making them!!

With lots of ladies coming up to me at work to talk about the products and asking for some, I started feeling rather guilty as it IS my place of employment. I mentioned it to my boss (whom by the way is a friend of mine that I give these things to every Christmas as a gift and she loves them!) and she said not to worry, why don't I make up samples and bring them in. Put 'em in the lunchroom and sell them.

So I did.

I made up a whack of sample soaps, spritzers, lip balms and bath salts for people to sniff. And even the male species and kids love this stuff, especially the "not flowery" smells like the orange, apple and lemon soaps. I know one lady's son loves to use the bath salts.

I even printed off a product sheet and some order sheets. Stuck everything in a cool wicker tray I had kicking around the house along with a gold pen (for them to fill out the order forms) and took it in to work.

(for a newer and more detailed product list see blurb in my sidebar)

I'm thinking that because of Christmas it was busier, and probably won't be so much now. But hey doing up the odd new order here and there will keep me in pocket money perhaps.

Who'da thunk it??

Take good care of each other!


Love Jude


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