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Friday, February 29, 2008


Even though today is the last day of February (which is def winter up here) there have been warming trends in our temperatures the last weeks and evidence of coming spring. :)

What was this:

Is now this: (grass!!)

And what was this:

Is now this:

AND, for the other part of "bitchin'", why do some men think it's okay to decorate living rooms like this?

Dear hubby bought a bow-flex. Weeks ago. With it came (free) the above exercise bike. Nowhere to put it.


The bow-flex still sits in its boxes in a wee tiny corner in the hot tub room.

He figures there will be enough space for it in this teeny spot. The tiled floor you see at my feet is a step up (raised) from the carpeted area below.

Meanwhile, where that bike is going to go is a mystery to me. All I know is it better NOT be decorating my living room for much longer. It WILL be gone in a couple of weeks as I am hosting sister Pammie's birthday party. Heh heh.

Ah husbands. Gotta love 'em, cuz you can't shoot 'em! *wink*

Hope you all had a decent week, take good care of each other and have a super weekend.

Love Jude


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