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Friday, February 01, 2008


***Edit*** Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them for you, but for some reason when you do then you can't get back to my blog. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!***

Although we woke up to sunshine, later in the afternoon the skies clouded over and a fluffy, silent snow began to fall sometime when I was having sweet dreams during my nap. While the sun was still out this morning though, I thought of how in another handful of weeks we'll be seeing melt and the last of the sparkly stuff on the ground.

One thing I love about winter is the fact that there are NO BUGS. It's been far too cold in the last several days to even consider being out and alive if you're of the insect persuasion anyway. We're still in the deep freeze that I posted about before this, however the North Pole winds stopped within a few days and now we've just settled into crisp, cold temperatures that you still wouldn't want to have skin exposed to for more than a few minutes.

On my way down to the laundry room I stopped at the front door to admire the way the sun was reflecting off of the window I was looking out, and making pretty reflections on the snowbank. Hubby was kept very busy shovelling for a few days (as was the entire city) and the snowploughs have been working furiously to keep city roads clear after the initial dump we got days ago.

Living where we do, even having the horrendous snow storm and gale winds from way up north doesn't keep the population from their daily doings; still we all schlepped our way to work and home again, shopping and errands. It just takes longer as you must traverse slower and more cautiously. Not to mention dressing in many more layers.

When inside buildings the normal sight during these times is seeing people coming through doors from outside with pink cheeks and stamping the snow off their boots; relishing the sudden warmth of indoor heating. Usually accompanied by a shiver in the shoulders and a blowing out of breath. It's hard on the lungs breathing in that kind of cold air, it makes you cough when you first step out in it.

Somehow (it always amazes me how) the animal kingdom manages to stay warm enough and exist in these temperatures. Our bunny friends make their nightly visits foraging for plant life to eat under the snow. Evidence is always so obvious when there is snow on the ground. Right now they pretty much only come out to eat, staying in their burrows and hiding places to stay warm.

Come early spring though, even during the day we'll spot our favourite mamma bunny sunning herself in our yard in the snow. She'll still be white, and possibly looking forward to brown fur and spring once again.

Just before I laid down for my afternoon nap, I had just put another load of clothes in the dryer and liked the way the steam was partly obscuring the view across the back alley. It would have been a very pretty day to venture out with my camera and trudge through snow; however it's just too cold for both the camera and me to be out in it long before we stop working altogether.

So I admire the snowy sparkles from afar through my windows. And I am aware that I am ABLE to be warm to do so, unlike some who are more unfortunate. To them, winter is their biggest enemy. Our city's shelters have been operating at full capacity. I only wish we had more of them, and they're working on it.

Although not all of us are the same, call me Canadian ~ I am already wistfully aware that soon enough the beauty of this season will be foresaken for the beauty of the next. Ah! What a pretty and diverse world we live in!

On another topic, the Shark Cartilage I've been taking for a few months now just might be helping a bit with the arthritis my shoulders! I still have pain and limited movement, but I'm noticing I can do a bit more than I could before. Perhaps I've found the relief I need? I'll keep taking it and hope it continues to improve a little more.

I hope you are all staying warm where you are, and for those of you out East, please stay safe on the ice. Take good care of each other!


Love Jude


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