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Saturday, March 22, 2008


After all the snow we had, most of it is now gone thanks to warm weather and lots of sunshine. Today however it's gray and cloudy but you can still sense the start of spring in the air! Now all we need is some more sunshine to start greening things up, and hubby to get his rake out and clear the lawns of last autumn's leaves and winter debris.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how all the new perennials we planted last year will fill in the gardens this year. In particular I can't wait to see how the 3 dwarf lilac bushes do this year. Will they flower? One white, one pink, and one mauve. They were in flower when we planted them last year, and they smelled SO GOOD!

Since hubby first dug out and created these flower beds 2 years ago we spent quite a bit of money on new trees, shrubs and flowering plants (including those gorgeous rose bushes) so this year I think all we'll have to do is buy a few little annuals to fill in some spaces and that's it.

Today's cloud cover is left over from last night. It was almost complete cloud cover and it was moving quickly overhead. But every now and then the almost full moon would peek through for a few seconds. And I managed to get a couple of shots as the clouds changed the light patterns around the moon.

It was so warm out that I had only my short nightgown with a light coat over it, and sandals. And I was nice and warm standing out there. I love this time of year, not hot yet and not freezing.

I think we should have about 4 months of spring, 6 months of autumn, 1 month of winter for Christmas, and one month of summer just so nobody will bitch at me. LOL!

I would guess that in about another 2 months we should have flowering trees, shrubs and plants all over the place around our house. Until then, I'll just enjoy the temperatures BEFORE it gets too hot for comfort. *wink*

Hope you all have a great Easter! Take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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