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Monday, March 31, 2008


Earth Hour took place here too, and while my television and computer, as well as all unnecessary lights were off, I went out and watched the sky for awhile and then sat and read by one lamp. It was sure quiet! LOL


Bohemian Waxwing Visitor

Remember a couple of months ago when we had hoards of them in the neighbourhood for a visit? I spotted only ONE the other day, and it was just sitting on our sidewalk for the longest time. I thought maybe it was injured. But as soon as sister Pammie opened the front door to snap a picture, off it flew.

This one looked so plump and healthy. Strange. Maybe a bunch of them were flying overhead and this one needed to stop for a rest? However it got here, it sure is a pretty bird.

Curly Frizzy Hair

I've hated my hair all of my life, period. It's really curly, almost kinky. And frizzy as hell! As a young teenager I was teased relentlessly and called "fuzz head" and "frizz head" so the day that I discovered large rollers would smooth it out I was hooked. And when "ironing" one's hair to straighten it in the 60's became fashionable, my older sis Linda and I both did each other's. In all the 40 years since, I've been straightening it with blow driers, and in the last couple of years, with a flat iron for hair. It's frizz-less, smooth and shiny.

Because of a couple of ladies at work who wanted to see it, last week I left it curly but pulled back. What is it about people with straight hair who adore curls? I suppose none of us are really happy with what we were blessed with on our heads. When mine is left natural to me it just looks "messy" and once dried it stays in it's gazillion little ringlets. But the minute the wind gets at it; or you put a pick, comb or brush through it ~~ viola! AFRO! (argh)

At any rate I've been trying to "get used to it" curly again, to see if after being tired of 40 years of straightening I can stand it curly sometimes. So far I've had to clip it back at the nape to keep it off my face but today I'm going to try going to work with it all down. I'm AM bringing a clip with me though, just in case!

We shall see....

***EDIT*** Okay, I made it the entire morning at work, but at lunch I'd finally had it and put it back in a clip. It just drives me crazy all that friz flying around my face, bleh! LOL

Here's a shot taken awhile ago, my hair is straightened and it looks tidier. Following are 2 shots from this morning before I left for work. This is the way it dries.

I KNOW most of you are going to say "I love the curls!" but YOU try wearing it! LOL

See what I mean by frizz??? Look at the back! (it's curliest back there)

I'm trying, but I don't think I'll get used to this unless I'm tying it back.

Anyway that's my excitement for the week!

Hope you all have a fabulous week, take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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