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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Sorry my posts have been a little scarce folks, it's been a hellishly busy last few weeks. Some of it has been fun though, like sister Pammie's birthday party I hosted last night. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAMMIE!!

We WERE enjoying an early spring here while unfortunate easterners were being slammed with moocho amounts of snow. Remember all the snow we had this winter??

Well over the last while we've been enjoying warm weather and most of the snow (or a lot of it) had melted away. We were left with lawns and garden areas peeking out and I was just waiting for the back alley to finally melt down to slush so I could start walking to work again.

Then we got hit Friday night, and we're supposed to get some more yet. Not bad like out east though, just enough to put Spring to a grinding halt.

Some "Before And Afters":

I know it's only a matter of time now and it will all be gone, and I KNOW I'll be bitchin' like crazy when the hot weather gets here, I hate summer for that. I guess by this time of year I just get sick of having to have a ride to work. In the dead of winter because it's just too cold; in early spring because the back alley is a mess of dangerous icey ruts. (that's the only way I can go to get to work)

I STILL and always will say that winter does have it's beauty though, and with the recent wet snowfall you can't tell me that this isn't pretty. *wink*

Wherever you are, I hope that you aren't still shovelling your way out of tons of the white stuff, or that you aren't already waiting for winter due to already hot weather! A friend of mine was saying last night how they were sitting in the airconditioned house complaining about how hot it is (Florida). I'm SO glad I live where I do! LOL

Have a good week everyone, and until next time, feel the love! Take good care of each other.

Love Jude


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