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Monday, March 03, 2008


I've been tagged again! This time by my "Ozzy" friend Danni and I am supposed to share three reasons why I blog.

Interestingly enough, when I first started blogging back in September 2004, Danni was one quarter of 4 Leppy fan friends who started when I did; or rather they started (Danni, Janna, Lors and Debs) and that got ME started. We go back a ways, Danni girl!

Reason #1:
Friendships friendships friendships!

This blog is my vehicle to reach out and share stuff (life, ups, downs, pictures, nonesense, humour and did I say life?) with a broad group of people with whom I've made great online friendships with. When I started this 3 and a half years ago it was sharing with 4 friends. I began reading and linking to some of the blog linked friends on each of THEIR blogs, and those people started coming and linking to mine. The friendships grew. I love that!

Reason #2:
It's fun!

It's a hoot to make someone laugh or to share something that makes me laugh. It's always interesting to learn about the lives and foibles and interesting facts about other bloggers through their blogs too. And it's definitely fun to share hobbies, in my case posting photographs I have shot as I've been slowly learning more about that hobby.

Reason #3:
Quality computer time.

When I first started this blog I barely had my computer for long and I had ZERO computer skills. With the help of my 4 Leppy fan blogging friends I had to learn some new skills like HTML coding. What fun! I took to it like a duck to water and still enjoy that sort of thing. Even just simple things like posting a photo and learning how to use something like Photobucket were all enjoyable to learn. Quite frankly, I knew nothing and most things I have learned about computers happened on my blog. (the other exceptions were non-blog related that sister Pammie taught me!) In turn, it's been so much fun for me to help other friends new to "computering" on blogs and forums to learn some of these things.

All in all it's been quite the ride for me and I can't see myself ever wanting to stop blogging at this point. Of all the above reasons the most important one is the first one and that's why it got #1 top billing. Friendships! I've been blessed with some great friends........

........and all because of blogging. What more can I say?

For this one I simply have to tag some people: (sorry!) *insert evil grin*

sister Pammie

Take good care of each other, PEACE!

Love Jude


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