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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Thanks to Bobbie for linking a fun little site, I can show off some of my very own photography in an art gallery setting for perusal by the masses. The beauty that I see in an autumn shot taken at a city park for example, can be beautifully framed and shared in all it's splendour, passers-by unable to help themselves from stopping to admire and discuss the high price of such work of art. Because oh yes this artist's work is high end indeed.

Then they would be mesmerized by my ground shot hung frameless in front of a sexy little black leather Italian bench; this one requires sitting for a length of time to admire.

Perhaps they are imagining laying in this cool autumn grass and smelling the crisp fresh air. Wishing they were there. Ah well, this might be the closest they can get to the experience, and hopefully the gallery sells fancy bottled water and finger foods, as they might be sitting here for some time.

The thought of having a competition winning shot of a glass vase taken in front of a sunny summer window being on display brings squeals of delight from the photographer (yours truly) while wondering just how much would some unsuspecting art lover actually PAY for such a beauty?

Perhaps it would be enough to support me in a non-working environment? Where I can travel the world looking for "just the right shot" and taking me to places where I can leave only footprints and take only perfect photographs?

Day or night, there are so many sights the eye of a photographer (or a hopeful would-be) can rest their eyes on and say "oh my, I must shoot this" and then do the dance of aim and click.

Sometimes it's the shape of an object or a cloud; other times it might be the colours that grab your attention and beckon. Whatever the pull, the need to share with others what you are seeing at that moment can be strong. And sometimes, the desire to play with the colours a bit to deepen or to lighten can be likened to a painter with a brush in his hand and a whole array of colours on his pallette. So much satisfaction awaits!

I am Ukranian by descent, but although I haven't tried the art of egg painting with fabulous red and black designs, I HAVE taken a favourite lakeside photograph and applied it to the smooth surface of an egg.

The eye of the art gallery goer is no doubt comparing this to a Faberge, no? Oh yes, more funding for photographic trips abroad!

Well okay maybe it's all just a little far fetched, but it is fun to think of it! Especially the travelling-for-photography part.

The most fun for me playing with these was by far creating little masterpieces of the 2 loves-of-my-life; sister Pammie's doggies who happen to live in my house, who I am blessed to see daily, and who I love with all my heart.

These are my two favourite pieces of art right here:

Lady (aka "Ladybugs" aka "Bugs")

Misty (or as Pammie calls her, "Monkey")

I call them Bugs and Misty or refer to them as "Auntie's little Angels". Awwww!

I'm on a day off and wishing you all a great week. Take good care of each other and until next post......

Love Jude


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