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Friday, April 11, 2008


Well it would be a lot better if I didn't have to work Saturday. *sigh* I'm already tired, and that extra day (especially where it falls in my days off) just exhausts me.


So I know a couple of you have been enjoying the Africam link. I'm friggin' addicted!! LOL The one thing I've been just dying to see are my favourites, the elephants. So far no luck.

Until I got out of bed this morning!! The first thing I did was turn on the computer, hadn't even made coffee yet. Turned on the Elephants Plain cam and holy hell there were about 10 elephants there! I was SOOOO happy! And then within the first minute the camera kept going off on me. I never could get it back up, nor the Nkorho Pan cam. Both down, and just when the elephants show up! Arrgghhhh!


The snow we got last weekend is now pretty much gone again. Our temps are supposed to reach almost 70F on Sunday. But thankfully heading back down about 10 degrees or so the next day. Anything over 70 gets too warm for this chicky, so I'm always reluctant to enjoy anything close to 70 once it hits that time of year.

This is pretty much all we have left for snow and it's in our backyard where the sun doesn't hit it very much. The front yard has been dry for days. I know this looks like quite a pile of snow still, but remember this pile was as tall as me almost at one point! Up against the fence you can see the 3 big plants we put in just last year; a lilac bush on either side of a black lace elderberry.

This morning I noticed some new little buds coming out on one of our lilac bushes . They are new, we just got them last year and planted them, and I've been eagerly waiting to see how they bloom this year (if they do?).

If I remember correctly, this is the purple lilac:

And this would be the pink one or the white one. (the third one is out front) But I don't know if this is spring growth or last year's dried up stuff, what do I know? LOL

The first 2 items in our backyard to flower are the flowering plum and this MayDay tree. So far on the tree just knobs where the buds are hidden for a few more weeks.


I finally got around to all my bloglinks today to catch up. Sorry I've been late in getting to you! Now I must get off of here. I'm hearing my name being called by my iron.....

Until next time, have a great weekend and take good care of each other.


Love Jude


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