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Monday, May 19, 2008


Here in Canada it is a long weekend, the Victoria Day long weekend to be exact. And being the first outing for Pammie and I of the year (mostly being cooped up through the winter) AND having a nice sunny day, we headed out on a roadtrip with our cameras to see what we could see.

One thing we knew we wanted to do was get to one of the lakes around here, which we did. We hit up a little village on a lake only to discover that this particular weekend is the BUSIEST of the year and was packed with people. The weather being waaaay too hot, we opted to stop at the little ice cream stand and enjoy something icy cold to cool off with and then head out to another water spot that would be less crowded.

We did find a spot, and it appeared to be a smallish lake meant for boating and perhaps fishing.

Still, it was very peaceful there and really pretty with spring's light green leafage popping out in the trees. This shot is of the boat landing spot and you can barely see a family out there in a rubber raft having some fun.

There was a slight breeze to enjoy but not enough to keep the bugs down, which meant we were dodging my worst enemy, the wasp. And thankfully we'd thought to bring water and kept it on ice, the heat made us thirsty. Pammie's car doesn't have AC so it was pretty hot in there, but once we'd get going at higher speeds down the secondary highways and back roads with the windows down it cooled off considerably.

It wasn't a big place, but there were several nice looking picnic spots, each with a rusty cookspot and a picnic bench.

Being so hot when we arrived here, the very first thing (other than running away from wasps) that was on my mind was sticking my feet in the water to cool them off. However, once we got to the water's edge, we discovered that it was too murky and oily from the boats to warrant putting any body parts in at all.

Still, it was a lovely view and worthy of photographing!

On the way out here we'd noticed a nice old church on the secondary highway, and we wanted to stop there on the way back home, which we did.

This was out in the middle of farming country, with vistas all around us. I'll bet in summer or autumn it's even more colourful and lovelier. It's a shot taken off center with Pammie on the right. It was taken on the gravel road beside the church.

And here is the church up above that road, sitting prettily atop a hill overlooking the area. As you can see it's almost completely surrounded by evergreen trees.

It's actually facing the secondary higway that we were travelling on and because of all the trees around the front and left sides I was uncertain that we'd spot it very easily coming back, but we did!

This is a view of the back of the church, where there was a very small cemetery. The entire church was surrounded by an old fashioned wire fence with a quaint little iron gate painted white. So country, I loved it!

And the front of the church, although with all those trees right up against it, it was rather difficult to get the shot I wanted. Still, I like the way it peeks at us through the trees.

The church was built in 1926. The first thing I thought of was that was the year our parents were born. It's very obvious that it's been very well maintained, a nice new paint job and kept very clean.

You will perhaps notice that some of these shots have been edited with some pretty little photo editing enhancements. I had lots of fun with that!

Looking up from the front steps.

Around the side and back of the church sits a quaint outhouse that looks like a recent rebuild and obviously in use.

I guess the congregation takes great care of the place but hasn't raised enough funding for indoor plumbing.

Along a side fence was a cute little bird house. It has the nesting materials sitting inside of it so it's home to somebody with feathers! I've backed off most of the colour in this shot for effect. Pammie spotted another one out front built just like a church. Sweet!

Here's that quaint little iron gate on the other side of the church, our "getaway" car was parked just out of view here.

By the time we got here the heat was pretty much doing what it does to me best, and I didn't take many more photographs after this point. I was feeling weak, dizzy and nauseous but managed to hang in there and not toss any cookies (or water in this case) on the grounds!

Once we hit the highway again the car cooled off and so did I. It was a lovely trip and a nice day! It's always fun heading out with cameras in hand with Pammie but this being something different was quite special for us.

I hope you all had a good weekend too, until next time take good care of each other.

Love Jude


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