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Friday, May 23, 2008


Oh how I LOVE the cooler, rainy days! We needed the moisture here so badly too, just lawnmowing kicked up tons of dust.

After that hot and dry weekend we had last week, it was heaven on earth to see the continuous rain that we've had for the last couple of days. If there hadn't been a break in the rain for a couple of hours I wouldn't have gotten these shots, so I'm glad I got out there when I did.

Otherwise, when I meandered out to the back alley this particular shot would have shown you hundreds of raindrops splashing in the puddle. Pretty yes, but waaaay bad for the camera!

And because of that late winter storm we had this year, our spring "budding" is far behind the norm. But NOW our flowering trees our in full bloom!

The front yard is looking greener now thanks to the moisture, and it's also looking mighty spiffy since hubby finished all the flowerbed weeding and fertilizing. Here you can see our 3 flowering trees (all white, I MUST get something with more colour one day too); a cherry on the left, another variety of cherry in the middle/right, and the pear tree on the far right foreground.

This is the Schubert Cherry up by the house whose leaves turn a deep burgundy in early summer. For now, they are green and sport some wonderful smelling lacy flowers.

The funny thing is, they look almost identical to the MayDay tree flowers out back AND they smell exactly the same! The MayDay tree is a relative of the chokecherry, so I guess it and this Schubert are cousins too, both being cherry of some sort.

And this is the other Cherry tree further down the lawn, whose flowers are full and plump and also smell divine. After the rains, you can see near the bottom of the shot some raindrops hanging on for dear life.

This tree and the Russian Olive are both 6 years old now and doing very well. The others (Schubert cherry and Pear tree) are only enjoying their second year on our lawn so they are smaller. The Russian Olive fills the view of our living room window and is the last of our trees to get it's spring leaves. Even just after one day there are a lot more leaves on it than when I took these pictures.

Our Pear tree is still small but even so, it's very first summer last year sported a single beautiful pear on it! It's pretty scrawny right now but the branches have a perfect shaping to them. Once this starts to grow and fill out a bit it's going to be a beauty.

You can see the leaves cupping a lot of rainwater, and a pretty raindrop hanging off one of them. Other than the dim light due to cloudy skies, this was the perfect time to capture pictures of these.

Out in the back yard, the MayDay tree is huge and in full flower. Boy does it smell GOOD out there!

You can see the similarity between these cone shaped lacy white flowers and the ones on the Schubert cherry out front. This tree was just a few bushy stems and twigs when we moved in here just over 15 years ago. Now it's always in need of pruning back so we can walk on the sidewalk under it; and it also provides some shade from the hot mid-day sun for hubby when he's working in the garage.

And in the very back of the lawn is our very big flowering plum. However, hubby STILL has a ton of wood and other paraphenalia piled up back there, right in front of this beautiful shrub. So we never really get to see it. *sigh* I can't wait for him to finish up back there one of these years.

This morning, the sun is shining and the temperatures are climbing just a bit. The sunshine now will make everything pop even more after all that rain. The nice thing is, we're due for even more rain in the next few days.

I hope wherever you are that the weather is exactly what you enjoy. Have a great weekend everyone, and take good care of each other.

Love Jude


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